Aces Puck and #

Flying Aces Desktop Wallpapers

Occasionally, I like to make things. Not physical things, because that can be messy, but virtual things like images and such. Usually, they have a theme or focus. Lately, that theme has been our local hockey team, the Central Illinois Flying Aces. This will be the place that I share those pieces that don’t embarrass me too much. The rendered images were created using Blender with the “callout box” added after render with an image editor.

I attempted to convert these into background for mobile phones. That didn’t work. I will have to create separate images for use on mobile phones. I have added a mobile phone background below. If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to see the mobile versions sooner use the “Contact Me” at the top of the page and let me know.

To download one (or all of them), click the thumbnail to open the full-size image. In the full-size view, right-click and there should be an option to “Save Picture” or “Save Image”.

Note: All images and representations of the Central Illinois Flying Aces logo, slogan or other related items remain the property of the Central Illinois Flying Aces. That is why I did not include my personal branding on these images.