Scouting Around

As a part of doing work on my Wood Badge ticket (I love talking about Wood Badge, so reach out to me and we can talk) I developed some graphical assets. In the spirit of Scouting, I’m placing them here for anyone to download. If you use them, please share the results with me as I love seeing what Scouts and Scouters are doing for Scouting!

All images are 1920 x 1920 in PNG format and the backgrounds are transparent.
Click an image to open it in a new tab/window.

Webelos in Blue Uniforms

Webelos Blue 1
Webelos Blue 2
Webelos Blue 3

Webelos in Tan Uniforms

Webelos Tan 1
Webelos Tan 2
Webelos Tan 3

Scouts/Scouters in Tan Uniforms

Scouter Tan 1
Scouter Tan 2
Scouter Tan 3